White House aims to speed US drone, wireless technologies

Such communications could involve correspondence among the president, aides, advisers, contractors, lobbyists and others.

The White House on Monday insisted technology CEOs to pitch in on President Donald Trump's effort to modernize government. It occurred three days after the president met with leaders of more than a dozen US tech companies to help make government computer systems more efficient.

The president honored Scalise and his family at the annual White House picnic Thursday, saying the outpouring of support for the congressman has been inspiring.

The lawsuit points to a tweet Trump posted on May 12 that suggested he had recordings of his conversations with Comey.

"The American people not only deserve to know how their government is making important decisions, it's the law", CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement provided to NPR.

"By deleting these records, the White House is destroying essential historical records". Switching from his own personal account to his presidential one, he can and does delete tweets, making full preservation almost impossible. Such tweets, involving official government business and policy statements by the president, are also subject to the Presidential Records Act, the suit argues. The two-term POTUS spent about $70,000 in the first June of his presidency, while President Trump has only spent $17,000 this month.

For one night, the South Lawn of the White House was decorated to resemble Central Park, as a tribute to the New Yorkers who now call the executive mansion home.

Encrypted messaging apps automatically delete messages, which would prevent that communication from being archived.

The President met with Tim Cook of Apple, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Gini Rometty of IBM, Brian Krzanich of Intel, Mr Nadella and others of the American Technology Council to discuss improving the outdated technology infrastructure used by the USA federal government. According to Slate, the Trump administration is going up against the freedom of the press by not only disallowing the press briefing by Sarah Huckabee Sanders held on Thursday from being recorded on video, but they are also declaring certain announcements "not reportable", a reported fact that is being mocked heavily on Twitter.

Earlier in the day, White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner also praised the "impressive" group of technology leaders. The relative scores are an 80 and a 60 and they should be graded appropriately and in which case UNF would be in the middle category.'Delaney, who is retiring in a year, expects next school year to be better for UNF, and said the school did receive other state appropriations.

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