Valve Shows Off New 'Knuckles' VR Controller with Individual Finger Tracking

In fact, you can already see how Knuckles' new functionality will translate into real-world (or rather, virtual world) use. Now called Knuckles, on the surface these don't look much different from what I saw, but it has one very unique feature we were not privy to before: it tracks all 10 of your fingers.

That means you should be able to grab items and move around like you normally would, and because the controllers are supposed to have a fit that you can loosen or tighten, you won't be able to drop them easily. Multiple capacitive sensors throughout the device also can help track your hand motions and whether your fingers are pointed straight, tightly curled or somewhere in between.

Can Knuckles make VR experiences even more immersive?

The details come in two new announcements on Steam - one giving a general overview of the capacitive sensors, and one going through the dev kit.

Knuckles is capable of detecting the position of your digits and how far they are curled around the controller they are.

The development versions of the Knuckles controllers require calibration to allow for the finger tracking to work correctly, which involves holding the controller with the index finger on the trigger and thumb on the track pad for one second, then releasing.

We've known that Valve was working on new SteamVR controllers for quite some time.

Game controllers have always been imperfect.

The most immediate point of interest is that Knuckles eschews the stick-like design of the original Vive controllers for something closer to Oculus Touch.

  • Carolyn Briggs