Trump visit to Britain left out of Queen's speech

The 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II went ahead with the ceremonial opening of Parliament despite the announcement that her husband, Prince Philip, was in the hospital. May's weakened position and loss of stature that have emboldened those within her own party who want a "softer" Brexit, which makes a less-sharp break with the European Union.

While the Queen read out eight bills the United Kingdom government will pass to remove Britain from the European Union, her blue dress and hat drew attention for closely resembling the European Union flag.

Nearly two million people signed a petition urging Theresa May to rescind the invitation due to several decisions and statements made by Trump since he took over the Oval Office.

Downing Street said the visit was not mentioned because a date had not yet been set.

Meanwhile, May led Conservatives are still trying to agree terms with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to secure their support for a minority government after the snap general election failed to win a majority for the ruling party.

"We will wait with interest for detail on this and other issues such as skills and employment protection measures, but strongly urge the Government to work closely with us and other stakeholders to ensure they don't damage growth or investment", she said.

President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May walk along the colonnades of the White House in Washington.

She also travelled by auto instead of the traditional horse-driven carriage to deliver her speech.

The remarks are written by the prime minister and her staff.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn denounced the speech, arguing that May had delivered a "threadbare" program devoid of new ideas.

For instance, Elizabeth arrived at Parliament in a auto, rather than a horse-drawn carriage, and delivered the speech in everyday dress, instead of the customary royal robes.

Following the inconclusive election result earlier this month, the government has dropped several policies that featured its manifesto, most notably its controversial social care proposals.

State visits for the coming year are normally listed by the Queen.

The proximity of both event meant that there wasn't enough time for rehearsal and preparation for the events which require grand planning.

British Beer & Pub Association chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: "It is clear that this session of parliament will be dominated by Brexit, with limited room for other legislation".

"We just have to get this right", she added, "and cross-party, cross-business collaboration is vital in achieving that".

  • Carolyn Briggs