This guy created Super Mario in real life using augmented reality

World 1-1 will send you into an instant state of nostalgia. Abhishek Singh, a 28-year-old developer, has managed to recreate an entire level from Super Mario Bros. on the mixed reality headset, then proceeded to film himself playing it in New York's Central Park (via UploadVR).

Singh shows dedication to his craft, keen to give the most authentic experience.

I want to play Super Mario Bros. in augmented reality. The video also includes an inset of Singh as seen by passers-by, where he looks like a total insane person and doubtless fits right in among Central Park denizens. This particular project wasn't sponsored by a company or a developer, either.

Built in Unity 3D, the experience required modeling all the assets and elements of the game and rethink the experience from a real-world 3D perspective. Once the selection is made the world of that first level fills in around you with memorable and iconic things such as the Goomba's (which are still defeated by jumping on them), the question mark blocks, big green pipes and more. The video has been shot through the Hololens headset, with a small window on the top showing the player through a third-person view.

KitGuru Says: Well-made AR games can sometimes feel like they are in another castle when browsing what's out there, but Singh has done a wonderful job with this one.

Singh's rebuilt version of World 1-1 isn't a flawless replica, largely because Super Mario Bros. was never built to be played in a 3D space.

  • Arturo Norris