Taylor Swift return to Spotify earns pop star '$400000 in two weeks'

Swift, who has not released any new music in over two years, made the decision to bring her back catalogue back to streaming services as a thank-you to fans after 2014's multi-platinum 1989 album reached the milestone of 10 million worldwide sales.

Taylor Swift initially removed all of her songs from Spotify and other streaming services as a protest to highlight the fact that artists don't earn much money that way.

The singer allowed her entire catalog of work to stream on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon starting this month, and it seems to have paid off for her-very literally. It's been two weeks since then, and already she's earned $285,000 with 4.75 million streams on Spotify in America alone.

In comparison, she made $44k (£34k) and $9k (£7k) respectively in the week prior to the return.

Her music was restored to the services on June 9, announced by her management.

According to Billboard, Swift has brought home nearly $400,000 after only a single week of her songs streaming. Hopefully that's not the reason though, as Katy herself recently said she's looking forward to letting everything go.

"I forgive her, and I'm sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her, and I think it's actually".

  • Arturo Norris