Pak-US continued cooperation critical for promoting regional peace, security: FO

"We would like to urge the worldwide community to take notice of not just the extent of Afghan involvement in Afghan affairs, but also its unabated increase", said Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria, in his weekly press briefing.

He said Pakistan's position on United States drone strikes is very clear.

Zakaria says Pakistani authorities have shared the information with Iran about striking down the drone. "The drone was hit by Pakistan Air Force as it was unidentified and was flying at around three-four kilometres inside Pakistani territory", the FO said in a statement. These operations are driven by national interests.

To a question, the spokesperson said that there had been visits from Pakistan to Afghanistan in the recent past including that of the parliamentary delegation. "As you know, the budget request will undergo vigorous debate and scrutiny by the US Congress, it is, therefore, premature to comment on something that is essentially an internal US process", he said.

"Pakistan will not let its land be used against other countries".

Zakaria said that Pakistan, China and some other Countries are cooperating closely for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

US officials have said the Trump administration is also considering withholding some assistance."Pakistan attaches importance to its relationship with the US", Zakaria said."We firmly believe that continued close cooperation between our two countries is critical for promoting peace and security in the region and beyond".

To a question on border management with Afghanistan, he said it was an essential component of Pakistan's counter-terrorism strategy and fencing was among the measures. Our efforts for border management are aimed at facilitating movement of people, trade and transit, and curbing the movement of terrorists.

Zakaria also dismissed the reported criticism of the Afghan government over the fencing, saying "we are undertaking the fencing on our side of the border". Two-way visits will help strengthening Pakistan-Afghanistan ties, he added.

On June 16, two officials working at the consulate reportedly went missing while returning to Pakistan, according to a press statement.

Earlier today, Pakistan also told the United Nations Security Council that terrorist "safe havens" are inside Afghanistan, not outside.

The ministry said Islamabad has informed Tehran of its action.

  • Leroy Wright