No change on 'Dreamers' program

However, Trump has let stand Obama's 2012 memo that has granted reprieves from deportation to almost 800,000 undocumented immigrants who arrived as children.

Since taking office, Trump has expressed empathy for the participants. "Instead of deporting as numerous 11 million undocumented immigrants as possible and breaking apart millions of families, we should change the law to deal fairly with those people who are here now with longstanding ties to our country".

The Department of Homeland Security formally reversed the action on Thursday.

Individuals who fall under the "Dreamer" designation, as defined by President Obama, are children of undocumented immigrants who came to the US not by their own choosing.

"Prior to implementation of DAPA, twenty-six states challenged the policies established in the DAPA memorandum in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas", the statement continued.

In a late-Thursday night briefing, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly announced that he had revoked an Obama-era order that would have prevented the deportation of any undocumented parents of millions of USA citizens. "My action yesterday was just a little housecleaning", he said. He added that the policy that has a direct effect on children would remain unhindered. "DACA has not changed".

This reflects the administration's shift to harsher immigration raids that have separated parents from their children, prompting some city officials to declare themselves "sanctuary cities" for undocumented people in opposition to President Trump's draconian immigration policies. Under this program, Dreamers were provided with continuous work permit.

"The fact that Trump has not chose to remove DACA is a testament to the organizing that has been going on by immigrant groups", said Camila Bortolleto of Brookfield, who received DACA status in 2013. Such legislation has not materialized.

The program meant to keep immigrant parents safe from deportation and provide them with renewable work permit for two years. The protections are revocable at any time if an immigrant runs afoul of the law or becomes a threat to public safety or national security. Many working class Americans voted for President Trump because of his promise to combat illegal immigration and secure for American workers.

Arrests of immigrants in the interior of the country have increased under the Trump administration, but deportations are slightly down as fewer people have been caught crossing the Mexican border into the United States illegally.

"We will not let President Trump rip apart families, and we will continue to fight for the 11 million undocumented families until we secure permanent legislative relief", he said in a statement.

"The ACLU " s CT branch welcomed the administration's new stance on DACA, and pledged to keep fighting so that those affected by DAPA can stay in the country as well. Applicants must have also continuously lived in the USA since June 15, 2007 and come to the US before his or her 16th birthday.

"Right now it's OK, but what can happen in the future?"

"Regardless if you're undocumented or documented, these policies affect them, and politicians actually have a conversation with them", she said. That program applies to certain illegal aliens in the US who arrived as children and met specific criteria. His move to do so was largely symbolic.

  • Larry Hoffman