No Apple iPhone 8 Sales Expected In September Quarter

Those images suggest the next iPhone will have a bezel-free, OLED screen with rounded edges and a front camera and sensors at the top.

What is interesting to note is that the screen protector does not consist of a cutout for the home button. Also, the high demand Apple is anticipating for iPhone 8 is adding further pressure on the brand to resolve issues much before the launch and the announcement.

The first phone to successfully integrate a fingerprint sensor in the screen may not be an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy at all. Not so long ago, the company unveiled this new OS and from what it looks, the OS has one of the biggest clues about the possible design of the iPhone 8.

Whatever the real story, Apple looks certain to unveil a new, tenth anniversary iPhone in early autumn, with a wholly redesigned look, vertical dual lens camera and vastly improved internal specs. While it is good news that the said feature will be properly placed in the device, it may also be the culprit for the iPhone 8's delay.

One more rumor about the iPhone 8/Edition also seems to be holding up as the release date grows closer: the device's exceptionally high price. As Forbes' Kelly noted in an article last month, "no iPhone has ever been this expensive to build".

"While the exact implementation is not finalized, we can now say that the fingerprint sensor is unlikely to be on the back of the phone", Arcuri wrote. Now analysts at Cowen & Co. claim that iPhone 8 shipments could get delayed as Apple hasn't finalised on its Touch ID plans in iPhone 8 yet, as per a memo obtained by CNET. As per latest reports, the display embedded Touch ID sensor, which is to be the highlight of iPhone 8, is creating issues that might lead to Apple postponing the launch of the next flagship device. In Q4, Apple as many as 90 million units of iPhone 8 could be up for grabs.

  • Carolyn Briggs