Mourinho denies tax fraud during Real Madrid stint

And he is said to have been accused of two offences relating to tax fraud.

Manchester United Football Club manager José Mourinho has said that he is innocent of tax fraud and has had his tax affairs signed off and ratified by the Spanish government, according to his advisers.

They also circulated a copy of a tax document dated July 3, 2015, which covers the period in question.

In the wake of yet another highly successful season, the 32-year-old striker has seen his reputation soured by a tax fraud investigation, and there have been questions of whether or not Real Madrid will move him elsewhere.

Falcao himself is suspected of failing to correctly declare 5.6 million euros of income earned from image rights between 2012 and 2013 while he was at Atletico.

Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho are both clients of the football agent Jorge Mendes.

In three years with Real Madrid, Mourinho won La Liga in 2012 and the Spanish Cup in 2011.

He won't spend any time behind bars because sentences of under two years in Spain are suspended provided that the convicted person has no criminal record.

Barcelona's Lionel Messi was handed a prison sentence of 21 months but the sentence was suspended because of the law regarding jail sentences for first time offenders for non viloent crimes.

The Spanish supreme court found Lionel Messi guilty of a similar crime a year ago.

Meanwhile Brazil star and Barcelona forward Neymar and his parents are due to stand trial for alleged corruption over his transfer from Santos in 2013.

  • Julie Sanders