Mourinho accused of tax evasion in Spain

Spanish prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against the player accusing him of defrauding tax authorities of €14.7 million (12.87 million pounds) by hiding his image rights income between 2011 and 2014.

"I will always defend Cristiano as a person and as a footballer".

Asked about potential clubs Ronaldo could join, Perez said: "I'm not contemplating Ronaldo leaving".

Spanish prosecutors released a statement on Tuesday indicating that the 54-year-old used shell companies in the Virgin Islands and Ireland to hide profits.

He is due to play for Real Madrid against Barcelona in a friendly in Miami on July 29.

Ronaldo is a Real player and will continue to be so as far as we are concerned. something really freakish would have to happen if he were to leave this club.

Perez said he could understood why Ronaldo had been upset after he was accused last week of tax fraud.

Gomez Ferrer will make the final decision on whether the matter goes to trial.

Ronaldo isn't the first major football star to be accused of defrauding the authorities, as Lionel Messi has been accused of similar crimes as early as 2016.

The episode may cost Real Madrid their star winger as Ronaldo feels hard done by the apparent excessive force with which the complaint has been dealt with.

Mourinho allegedly committed tax fraud in 2011 and 2012, according to Madrid's provincial state prosecutor's office.

This assumes, however, that Ronaldo is still a Madrid player, with a source confirming that he wants to leave Madrid and Spain as a result of accusations from the Spanish tax authorities and the media.

Though that will still happen, this is a good sign for Real fans who grew nervous at the thought of the club's most popular player in history departing.

Despite his insistence that Real can cope without him, Figo doesn't expect his fellow Portuguese, who is now in Russian Federation for the Confederations Cup, to exit the Bernabeu.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has been linked to Manchester United and other top clubs after reportedly threatening to leave Real and quit Spain.

  • Julie Sanders