McMaster promises 'whatever it takes' on Myrtle Beach crime

Henry McMaster will be in Myrtle Beach on Thursday to discuss law enforcement options with local officials after several shootings over past several days, including a shooting on Ocean Boulevard that left seven people injured, and was viewed by millions on Facebook Live.

He also stressed the cooperation between state and local law enforcement, while Crosby said federal help will be available if necessary.

McMaster met with Myrtle Beach Police, SLED and surrounding agencies today to say state resources will be deployed to help send a clear message to visitors that violence will not be tolerated. The governor on Wednesday called the shootings an "aberration".

There were five shootings in 72 hours in Myrtle Beach this past weekend.

Police say starting this weekend, the police presence in the city will be a lot more like it is during major events like Memorial Day Weekend and Carolina Country Music Fest. The ordinance will be discussed Tuesday, in a regularly scheduled council meeting.

"I think Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the east coast and for many years it has had a marvelous reputation", he said. Keel will also attend the meeting. In Sunday morning's shooting incident, the arguing and subsequent fighting spilled into the street before the shooting started. The suspect in the Ocean Boulevard shooting captured on Facebook is involved in gang activity in North Carolina and knew the immediate victim, Myrtle Beach police said on Tuesday.

McMaster did not say whether law enforcement training in the state should be expanded or more fully funded, though he expressed confidence in local authorities.

  • Larry Hoffman