LG unveils world's largest flexible, transparent OLED display

LG Display, a leading company in the national project, developed a 77-inch transparent flexible display that implements UHD resolution, transmittance of 40%, and a curvature radius of 80R. While a 77” slab would hardly be portable, this display can be rolled up to a radius of 80mm (just over 3”). LG.Display is also producing OLED panels for consumer products, including all available OLED TVs on the market. Shows like CES and Computex would be a boon for flexible, rollable displays - with E3, PAX, and other trades shows making ideal sense for these huge flexible displays.

On an nearly weekly basis, it seems we catch glimpses of experimental examples of flexible displays that likely won't ever see broader commercial release.

LG Display has consistently advanced the fundamental technologies that enable large-sized flexible and transparent OLED displays in collaboration with the Korean government, which sees OLEDs as the future display technology. They have achieved better results than their initial goal, which was to develop 60-inch transparent OLED display, as they have developed bigger display with better resolution.

The display would find its usages in augmented reality related applications and can also be used in making infotainment system in automobiles, the company told.

As a result, equipment makers which belong to the downstream industry developed a large-area transparent flexible display device for the first time in the world, securing competitiveness in the development of materials and equipment. Last year, LG showed off a 55-inch OLED panel sporting 40% transparency.

LG Display on Thursday showcased what it says is the world's first and largest flexible and transparent OLED display.

  • Arturo Norris