How US Senate, House Obamacare overhaul bills compare

Elizabeth Warren says Republicans will use "blood money" from lost and broken American lives to pay for their overhaul of former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. It's possible that given the Republicans' small majority in the Senate that McConnell will have to entertain amendments.

While offering his disapproval now, Cruz is optimistic that the Senate can pass a health care bill that will satisfy both his conservative and his more moderate colleagues.

At one point, Schumer asked Cornyn if Republicans would agree to start over and craft a bipartisan bill. "It's been made clear to us that you don't want to participate in the process".

Congress is debating how to replace the Affordable Care Act. Senate leadership is aiming for a vote on the measure by the end of next week. On Monday, he emphasized his willingness to compromise on the issue in an interview with the Tribune.

Today Republican Senate leaders revealed their health care plan.

The Senate version of its replacement, which has yet to undergo scrutiny from the Congressional Budget Office, is steeped in reckless disrespect for the intelligence of the American people, and a callous and even unsafe attitude toward the poor and the middle class when it comes to ensuring their health care.

The bill's proponents say the changes would give states more flexibility, in part because a state could choose to require Medicaid beneficiaries to show they are working or trying to find a job. The bill "rolls back the ACA's Medicaid expansion - making for deep spending cuts to that program, compared with current law".

"I came away [from the health care meeting] more positive than I thought I would be", said South Carolina Sen.

"Over time, it will hopefully go up less rapidly than it was otherwise going to go up, but sort of permanently expanding federal contributions in the Medicaid category are simply not a catastrophic cut, as some would like to characterize it", Toomey said.

MEDICAID Obama law: States have the option to expand Medicaid to cover more low-income adults. More than 250,000 people Liked the post with another 78,000 people sharing it as of Thursday evening. Meanwhile, the state of Iowa is struggling to deal with an individual insurance market that is in dire shape. The Obama administration previously shot down these ideas, asserting that Medicaid is not supposed to be a work program.

"We have a responsibility to move forward, and we are", said McConnell, R-Ky. "Because Obamacare isn't working, by almost any measure it has failed, and no amount of 11th hour reality-denying or buck-passing by Democrats is going to change the fact that more Americans are going to get hurt unless we do something".

"Medicaid is already crowding out funding for all other priorities", Ingram said in an email.

"People with pre-existing conditions will keep their health care", Roberts said.

Susan Collins of ME said it was "too soon" to judge the bill and she has some concerns about cuts to Medicaid after 2025 and defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Jose Camacho, executive director for the Texas Association of Community Health Centers, said it will be days before advocates understand the full impact of the proposed law.

So-called stabilization funds would meanwhile bridge the gap for people to ease the insurance cost burden.

"We're always anxious about the clientele", Camacho said. "She has met with and heard the concerns of many Mainers about their health care challenges, and she will continue to do so as she studies the impact of this legislation on ME and the nation".

  • Leroy Wright