Hezbollah sets up border posts under guise of NGO

More than 1,200 Lebanese died in the 34 day military conflict more than a decade ago, sparked when Hezbollah attacked an Israeli border patrol, kidnapped two soldiers and killed several more.

In his address at the annual Herzliya Conference, Eshel said that in just a few days, Israel's air force can now bring as much power as it did during the entire 2006 war against Hezbollah.

But the Shi'ite group has not altered its view of Israel as its foremost enemy, and Israel's military has said it regards Hezbollah in the same way, Reuters explained.

He said: "What the air force was able to do quantitatively in the..."

UNIFIL, the United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, said it was looking into the Israeli allegations.

Israel has filed a complaint with the U.N. Security Council accusing the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah of setting up observation outposts along the border on land purportedly used by an environmental advocacy group.

But Eshel said he had "good news for the people of Lebanon".

Lebanese media sources have identified the man as Shadi Mazhar, who comes from a family of South Lebanon Army (SLA) veterans who fled to Israel in 2000. Not zero. I don't want to delude myself. Eisenkot also claimed, however, that Hezbollah had a presence in 240 villages in southern Lebanon, including forces in "almost every third or fourth house", which would expose these locations to potential Israeli airstrikes.

Since early in the six-year-old Syria war, Hezbollah's energies have been focused on propping up President Bashar al-Assad in alliance with Iran and Russian Federation, throwing thousands of its fighters into battle against Syrian rebels, according to Reuters.

  • Leroy Wright