Hearthstone's next expansion will make acquiring new cards easier

This comes with two more small but welcome changes: the first being you'll also no longer be able to open more than two copies of the same card in a single pack.

The most important changes surround legendary cards. "We think this change should make it consistently better". Also, once a player crafts a Legendary, they needn't worry about picking up a duplicate from a card pack they've just bought. This is a major shift from how pack opening works now, where it can sometimes take 20, 30 or even more packs to hit on your first legendary in a set.

Hearthstone's card packs are getting some significant changes in an upcoming patch, removing one of the most frustrating aspects of busting open packs. Only when you had all of the legendary cards will you again have a chance of getting the cards you already have, and the cards are so rare that's it'll take you quite a while. Legendary drop rates will be increased for new expansions, too.

Furthermore, players will be guaranteed one Legendary for every ten packs they open. Shacknews is seeking clarification on that point.

The timing for the next expansion is still under wraps, but Blizzard plans to release three full-size expansions per year now.

In fact, once you've gotten the golden or non-golden version before, you won't get another. Being a little more generous with Legendary cards may address that complaint.

Once the new expansion for the game drops, any time a player opens a new pack and bags a Legendary card, they will be guaranteed it will be a Legendary that they don't already own.

There's also a promotion running in the next few days with the Journey to Un'Goro card pack bundles, where you get additional cards per bundle.

  • Arturo Norris