Handel first female GOP rep elected to Congress in Georgia

"CLF never deviated from the goal of defining Ossoff as a dishonest liberal".

Trump himself weighed in over Twitter Thursday morning with digs at Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY.

All of the 435 House seats will be contested in 2018, and if Democrats want to reclaim control of the chamber they will need to gain at least 24 seats. "We haven't been talking about these direct economic issues that people are talking about", he said.

"You know you can sit here and we'll talk about Russian Federation all day long today on Capitol Hill and in Washington". But, "in life, opportunities come, and you have to evaluate them when they're in front of you". People in OH. aren't really talking about Russian Federation or Michael Flynn or Putin.

The call for Democrats to cultivate a message amounting to more than "we're not Trump" was echoed by the Working Families Party, which in a statement called for "Democratic candidates to run on a bold, inclusive populist platform". We're overwhelmed with our anger towards Trump. Yet she said the defeat in Georgia may not have been as bad as it appeared. "If you stay mad, you stay angry, you're unproductive". "It should be a wake-up call for Democrats".

"I think healthcare's gonna happen", he said, despite the attempts of "obstructionist" Democrats. "It's time for some change". "Personally I think it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

Moulton, a 38-year-old Iraq War veteran, was elected to Congress in 2014. "That's the most important part".

"The way the districts are drawn make that even more hard", he said.

"I think you'd have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top", Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, told Politico.

Progressives made this about Trump, even if Ossoff didn't, and they lost.

She touts supply side economics, going so far as to say during one debate that she does "not support a living wage" - her way of explaining her opposition to a minimum-wage increase.

For GOP consultants, the tie-every-Democrat-to-Pelosi is a tried-and-true strategy that's been working for more than six years. "Pelosi is the human embodiment of that".

"African American voters are really frustrated with the party", Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher told the Atlanta Constitution Journal. The ads were successful; Democrats lost all four races. This year, they are 0-for-4 in special elections, from Kansas to Montana to Georgia and SC.

"I$3 t is wealthy, it is educated and the kind of voters that are in this district were supposed to be the kind that Democrats could pick off from the Republican", she said, pointing out that Democrats had failed again. Democrats, however, gained a combined 71 points from the previous election, she pointed out. Thirty percent of respondents said they have a favorable view of her, lower than any other congressional leader. "We're used to that", said New Jersey Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell.

Handel's life story is well-known by now: left an abusive home at 17; finished high school; tried to balance college with supporting herself but, not uncommonly for the time, wound up choosing the latter; went on to success both in the public sector and the corporate world. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Ossoff getting Handeled is that the United States now has a three-party system: Democrats, Republicans, and Trumpian populists. Last cycle alone, she raised $141.5 million. The labels were attempts to divine which candidate was best-positioned to win over voters in a close-fought special election. I have enormous respect for her.

Trump weighed into the race, tweeting support for Handel.

Yet his words will do little to assuage Democrats who can not understand why they are unable to land an electoral blow against the Republicans, at a time when the President's approval rating is less than 40 per cent.

"This is not the time", Pelosi said. "Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving".

  • Leroy Wright