Google Will Stop Scanning Emails for Advertising Purposes

Google (goog) now shows its users personalized online advertising based on a person's account settings.

It also creates more consistency in the way Google pesonalizes ads across its products.

Since Gmail's launch in 2004, one point of frequent contention was how the free service scanned emails to show tailored ads.

The change mirrors how Google's "G Suite" service for businesses already works - if you or your company pays for Gmail, Google says it never used your inbox to personalize ads. Company representatives did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

The search giant's stated reason for the change is simple: Google Cloud sells a collection of enterprise office products, called GSuite, and Greene told Bloomberg that paying customers were concerned that Google was mining their data for advertising.

Paying Gmail users aren't shown ads and their inboxes aren't scanned. G Suite will continue to be ad free. They just won't be based on your activities on Gmail, but instead on things like your Google searches, the YouTube videos you watch, the apps you use, and the websites you visit.

Google will stop scanning the inboxes of Gmail's free users for personalized ads sometime later this year.

This transition in the consumer version of Gmail will occur later this year.

More recently, in March, a judge rejected Google's proposed settlement in a class-action lawsuit with non-Gmail users who sued because their emails to Gmail users were being intercepted and scanned for the purposes of providing targeted advertising to the recipient.

  • Arturo Norris