Gen Nissan LEAF confirmed for Australia

The next Nissan Leaf will be revealed this September, with the brand's single-lane semi-autonomous Propilot system, the brand has confirmed.

Yesterday, we broke the first spyshot photos of the interior of the new 2018 Nissan LEAF, and now today Nissan has just put out video out on their upcoming ProPILOT assist technology...complete with a new shot from inside the new LEAF. It's expected to have a 60 kilowatt battery that's good for a 200 mile range, double what the current model can do, Engadget said. The company calls it the "world's first mass-market electric vehicle".

Automakers' self-driving systems will always be compared to Tesla, whose Autopilot is the most advanced available commercially. While Nissan is much bigger and makes more cars than Tesla, globally selling around 270,000 Leaf first-generation EVs, it definitely has the edge when it comes to self-driving technology. Nissan's ProPilot will only work in highway cruising so you can navigate from point A to Point B.

Using a network of cameras and radar sensors, the ProPilot system will track lane lines as well as the vehicles directly ahead of and behind the new Leaf and adjust its speed to keep it perfectly centered.

Range? Word is it should be almost double today's Nissan Leaf, with the ability to drive around 200 miles between top-ups in the real world. Tesla's system meanwhile lets the auto change lanes, match traffic speeds, exit freeways, brake in emergency and self-park in a parking spot.

  • Arturo Norris