Fridge fire started Grenfell blaze as police confirm cladding failed safety tests

Police have said they are considering manslaughter charges in relation to the Grenfell Tower blaze as they revealed that both the insulation and tiles at the building failed safety tests.

Detective chief superintendent Fiona McCormack said in a statement that the building's insulation and cladding, installed as part of a £10m refurbishment of the block, also failed fire safety tests.

Referring to the tiles and insulation on the outside of the building, which have been widely blamed for the rapid spread of the flames, she said: "All I can say at the moment is they don't pass any safety tests".

The cladding was installed for beautification and insulation despite warnings from local residents about fire safety as part of a major refurbishment of Grenfell Tower that was completed a year ago.

While the death toll remains at 79, Ms McCormack addressed concerns that many more had died and were unaccounted for in official figures.

McCormack added that every company that was involved with the construction of the apartment block was being reviewed.

She said: "We are looking at every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards".

"This is painstaking work that is going on 24/7 and the working conditions down at Grenfell Tower are hard and distressing in many ways", she said.

Towers in Camden, Manchester, Hounslow and Plymouth are among the at-risk buildings, the Department for Communities and Local Government said.

McCormack says: "What we haven't got is a picture of how many people might have been in there".

She appealed for people to come forward with information about anyone who may have been in the building on the night of the fire. "That's the number I'm really anxious about". As this cladding is removed, 24-hour safety wardens are stationed in each of the blocks, according to The Telegraph.

And he said thousands of people living in tower blocks around the country needed urgent assurances about their own safety.

Downing Street has ordered an immediate examination of the model of refrigerator that is believed to have sparked last week's Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 79 people.

We can make tower blocks perfectly fire safe, and clearly need to urgently build more social housing in areas with high need.

Thousands of tower block residents around the United Kingdom have been warned that their homes are clad with the same flammable aluminium panels believed to have fuelled the blaze at Grenfell Tower. "I do not know who they are at the moment, which is why I am pleading for the public to call us on this". The police authorities further added that the model of fridge freezer FF175BP was not subject to a recall and the manufacturer is doing further tests.

  • Leroy Wright