Couple recreates DC Pride photo 24 years later

When Nick Cardello and Kurt English went to the Equality March in Washington D.C., on June 11, they made a decision to recreate a photograph they took in the exact same spot 24 years ago. Little did they know, that photo - in addition to their recreation of it 24 years later - would cause them to become a viral sensation. They shared an adorable photo of them attending the Equality March in Washington, D.C. last week. He and English met at church in 1992 despite living more than 60 miles apart. "They're tagging their significant others, saying, 'this could be us.' That was really cute".

Another photo of Cardello and English at the 1993 march. We didn't think a whole lot about posting the photo because most of our friends have been in relationships just as long if not longer than ours. The couple first held a commitment ceremony at home in Florida in 1993.

They chose to recreate one of their first photos together near the Washington Monument because of Nick Cardello's desire to celebrate their love publicly.

The social media were overjoyed by their photos and the pure love that they showed in the pictures.

"What's interesting to see from the photos that have gone viral is the comments from the youth", he continued.

"We could never have imaged the incredible response to this that we received", they continued.

'People need to see same-sex couples just being couples - those images are missing from the media.

But for the 2017 march, Cardello realized it was "important for people to see that image", leading him and his now-husband to recreate the affectionate scene from 24 years before.

Congrats, Nick and Kurt! In a world where people are getting disillusioned by marriage and marital vows their love stands to reason that with love, patience and understanding one can find true love and keep it for a lifetime as well.

  • Julie Sanders