Big getting Steam launch on 20 July

The final month of the open beta now offers up log in bonuses to gamers who take part before the full release.

The Open Beta of big also reveived a sizable update which including bot matches, a revamped tutorial, voice chat and new front-end UI.

Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment have big news for huge fans: The official Steam release is coming on July 20th.

In development since 2012 and initially an Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive, Motiga's anticipated free-to-play strategic hero shooter enormous is heading to Windows 7 and 8 machines through Arc and Steam. If you got the game via Arc today, you can receive an Arc Lightning skin for Tripp simply by logging in and playing one match. For anyone wanting to get a head start in the game, this Founder's Pack is for you.

Motiga's "Strategic Hero Shooter" (I think it's fair to say it's a MOBA) Gigantic has had its share of development hurdles, but is ready to launch in July. Developer Motiga announced yesterday that the game will be officially released on all aforementioned platforms on June 20, but the team is celebrating the upcoming milestone with another content update.

It's not just the run and shoot of Overwatch, as there are two teams of five players pitted against each other, and each team has a Guardian.

Whether players favor shooters, action RPGs, or traditional MOBAs, Gigantic has heroes for various play styles - and strategic depth they'll find satisfying.

  • Arturo Norris