Banksy's secret identity: Who is 'Robert' and has DJ Goldie slipped up?

During a recent interview with Scroobius Pip for a podcast titled Distraction Pieces, Goldie was discussing the art industry with Banksy as a focus of the conversation.

Del Naja co-wrote the soundtrack to the New Orleans-themed documentary Trouble the Water during the same time frame. No disrespect to Robert I think he's a brilliant artist.

Robert Del Naja is a multi-talented disc jockey from the West Country Who is Robert Del Naja, how old is he and what's his background?

There has been further speculation that Robert Del Naja may head up a collective of artists who are together known as Banksy.

After Williams reported his findings, Del Naja responded to deny the claims: "It would be a good story but sadly not true". I think he has flipped the world of art over'.

It came after he discovered that on at least six occasions, Banksy's work popped up shortly before or after Massive Attack gigs in the same city.

The key here was him accidentally dropping the word "Robert", which according to various reports suggests that Banksy might really be Robert Del Naja, one of the founding members of trip-hop legends Massive Attack.

"Banksy" on it and we're sorted.

Journalist Craig Williams carried out a five-month investigation past year and concluded that Del Naja was behind the movement. "He's a Napoli fan and was used to watching top-flight stuff", Del Naja told The Guardian.

That's right: Del Naja has roots which tie him to the land of pizza. Most of his visual art is aimed at big corporations, right-wing politics and consumerism.

Del Naja has repeatedly refused to play concerts in Israel in a stance against the Israeli government and its policies.

"Rob" could also refer to Robin Gunnigham, a man who the Mail On Sunday " revealed" to be the man behind Banksy in 2008.

  • Salvatore Jensen