Amazon's Echo Show has gained support for smart home camera feeds

The announcement is the result of a development project wherein IC Realtime's R&D team worked with Amazon's camera API to integrate more than 100 existing IC Realtime surveillance cameras to enable live video to stream to the Echo Show. The API will give users the ability to issue verbal commands to the Echo Show, telling them which camera they want to see.

In addition, the company is announcing a Smart Home Skill API that developers will be able to use to integrate other connected cameras with Alexa devices. Just ahead of its launch, Amazon has announced that Echo Show will support front door security cameras too.

The company has erected a massive structure in Times Square - the largest so far - in order to increase awareness for Amazon Music. Simply by asking "Alexa, show me the front door", the Echo Show will display a live feed from their smart camera or doorbell. August Home products work together, integrate with other smart devices and services, and are created to fit naturally and elegantly into the home.

"Traditionally, our user experience involved customers taking out their phones and opening the app to see their video feeds", says Darrell Sommerlatt, Software Engineer at Ring.

Arlo by Netgear, which makes weatherproof and wireless smart security cameras, has already developed a skill that allows users to verbally call up a specific security camera by name. With Echo Show, parents could ask Alexa for a feed of a particular room in their house to see it displayed on the Echo Show. A handy use if you ask me.

A dedicated voice-enabled screen like the Echo Show makes more sense, and - more importantly for Amazon - it presents a practical use case for the device which may otherwise seem like more of a "nice to have" luxury, but not one that added enough value to be worth the price.

The Echo Show will be available from June 28th in the USA and will retail at $230.

Smart camera connectivity: The speaker can be connected to other smart cameras and show you a feed from them.

  • Carolyn Briggs