4 reasons to get the Moto E4

Motorola India tweeted out about the Flipkart sale from their official handle. The three-day Flipkart sale has started from June 22 and will go on until June 24, that is Saturday.

The sale announcement comes ahead of Goods and Service Tax (GST) rollout, scheduled for July 1.

For the price, Moto E4 has some pretty decent specs. So this is a great time to pick one up, especially if you need a new smartphone. It is now available at Rs 59,999. The iPhone 6s 32 GB variant has been discounted 13,000 INR and now available at 34,999 INR.

Even the 32GB iPhone 7 and 128GB iPhone 7 are part of Flipkart's extravaganza, getting a Rs 17501 and Rs 18501 cut down to Rs 42499 and Rs 51499, respectively.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Moto phone without the Moto app, but I was a bit disappointed at the lack of features usually present in the app on other Moto devices. Flipkart's shaven off Rs 17001 from the 32GB Google Pixel in order to sell it at Rs 39999, while the Motorola Moto Z has gone from Rs 39999 to Rs 29999. The 128 GB variant of the 7 Plus will cost Rs 59,999 against its original price of Rs 82,000. There's also an exchange scheme which knocks off up to Rs 15000 from its cost and an Axis Bank Buzz credit card offer which further reduces the figure by 5%. There is a discount on Samsung C9 Pro too, as the 6GB variant's price has come down to Rs 31,900 from Rs 36,900.

Again, there's no support for wireless charging, but the Moto E4 can be quickly recharged with the included 5W rapid charger (10W for the Verizon model).

  • Zachary Reyes