Yulin Dog-Meat Ban Faced 'Huge Backlash' From Local Traders: Campaigner

"We're taking a very legislative approach to stopping Yulin", she tells Teen Vogue, citing Vanderpump Dog Foundation's close involvement in helping initiate Resolution 752, a bipartisan resolution introduced previous year that condemns the festival and urges China to end the dog meat trade.

The measure was introduced six days ahead of the start of China's largest annual dog meat festival in Yulin.

Campaigners in the U.S. and animal rights groups had earlier said vendors and officials had reached a compromise and agreed to display only two dogs per stall. After earlier reports of a sales ban at the summer solstice event in the southern city of Yulin, animal rights groups said vendors and officials reached a compromise and set a limit of two dogs on display per stall.

Rep. Alcee Hastings is on a crusade to end a dog meat festival in China.

Humane Society International, an animal rights organisation, claims that between ten million and 20 million dogs are slaughtered in China each year for food.

The director of an animal rights organization named "Best Volunteer Center", who gave her surname as Xiao, told Xinhua that the supply of dog meat this year was lower than before, which led to the rise of price.

Outside the markets, vendors sold stewed dog meat out of enormous steaming woks, shoveling big portions into plastic bags for passing customers.

Consuming dog is an old tradition in a number of other Asian countries, including South Korea and China. One restaurant covered the character for dog on its sign.

Still, multiple carcasses were seen at some stalls in the main Nanqiao market, with stiff pointy tails, leathery yellow skin, eyes shut and bared teeth as if in a final growl.

One of the activists was quoted as saying the truck was from Hengyang city in central Hunan province and was on its way to Yulin to deliver the dogs for slaughter.

Liu Zhong, the owner of a small herbal medicine shop where bottles of snakes marinate in red liquid, said police were watching things "very closely" at the Dongkou market to ensure restrictions were observed but wholesalers operate out of homes or secret locations.

Numerous dogs boiled, dismembered, or skinned alive for consumption are not bred for eating, but pets who were stolen from their family homes. "They're not going to be able to just tell people not to hold the festival when this campaign has only just started, but I still think we should encourage this sort of thinking". "They just won't sell to people they don't know well".

In recent years, the Chinese government has been called on to ban the festival. "You shouldn't force people to make choices they don't want to make, the way you wouldn't force someone to be a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim", he said. Young people, old people, even babies are all eating dog meat.

"The festival will go on". In fact, eating dog meat is considered beneficial during summer months, according to BBC News. Supporters say foreigners should not interfere in local culture.

  • Zachary Reyes