Why Mark Wahlberg is leaving Transformers

"The objective of that movie is to develop more time with less robots in a way and to go back to 1985 and go back to sort of the original heritage if you would of the "Transformers". G1".

Director Michael Bay is also due to be at the premiere, held at Cineworld Leicester Square in London. It seems that after four movies where the transformers fight in the streets and skies of the good old U.S., the creators behind this franchise felt a need for a change for the fifth movie. Along the way, the movie flashes back to King Arthur's knights and to World War II, with Anthony Hopkins delivering some of the most ridiculous lines of his career as he explains the secret history of the Transformers. Michael Bay has made a decision to grace the world with yet another Transformers film. Internally, Paramount is comping Last Knight to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales which earned $5.5M on its preview night, then $23.6M on its first day before a $63M weekend (however that was the three day over Memorial Day).

The Last Knight is the fifth instalment in the film series, based on the Transformers toys, and will be the final one directed by Bay. Cade, who is in possession of the talisman, learns that he has been selected as the Last Knight and has the power to wield the legendary sword Excalibur.

Among wide-opening Hollywood studio movies, "Transformers: The Last Knight" has the week to itself. "Why they keep coming here". You'd hope Hopkins would know better.

Thanks to ever-growing box-office figures in worldwide markets rather than here at home, the future is Optimus Prime-big. Seeing that slow motion shot of a Transformer jumping over something for the first time is awesome - when you see it a billion times after? Also, Cade Yaeger, played by Mark Wahlberg once again, is the only character who can connect with them, in a touching and authentic way. There's no way that almost 2,000 years of direct Transformer involvement is going to have been missed by the entire population, but that's just being pedantic, I know.

While this real knight is refreshing to watch, Bay still can't get rid of stereotypes - being English means polo matches and living in castles. He said, "I am [contracted for more] but look, I signed on to make these movies with Michael". Every movie the studio has released so far this year has been a domestic flop or disappointment, as not one of their six 2017 releases so far has topped $60 million stateside.

See you at the movies!

  • Salvatore Jensen