Warmbier family declines post-mortem

"While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out", Trump wrote on Twitter.

The family of a USA student who died shortly after being freed from North Korea have declined a post-mortem examination, according to a USA coroner.

He explained that one of the conditions would be the suspension of large joint military exercises involving US and South Korean forces.

The University of Virginia student was held prisoner in North Korea while travelling.

The Hamilton County Coroner's Office was still conferring on Tuesday with doctors at a Cincinnati hospital who were treating Otto Warmbier, 22, before reaching any conclusions about his death a day earlier, investigator Daryl Zornes said.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff introduced a bill to prohibit all American tourist travel to North Korea and has called the country a "despotic regime".

Though North Korea has claimed that Warmbier's coma was due to botulism and a sleeping pill, his family and doctors have rejected it.

On Tuesday, Young Pioneer Tours announced that it will no longer take Americans into North Korea, a direct result of the "tragic outcome" of Warmbier's case.

In meetings at the State Department involving USA and Chinese diplomats and defense chiefs, North Korea was to get "top billing", according to Susan Thornton, the senior US diplomat for East Asia.

"There should at least be a form for them to fill out that says, 'If I go to North Korea, I understand I am taking great risk and I do not hold the American government responsible".

North Korean envoys at overseas postings are anxious about serious implications that could follow the death of former American detainee Otto Warmbier, who died days after being released from North Korea, according to Radio Free Asia.

A public funeral service for a USA student who was detained in North Korea and eventually released in a coma has been scheduled for Thursday at his hometown high school in Ohio.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the administration would "continue to apply economic and political pressure" on North Korea, in conjunction with United States allies and China, "to change this behaviour and this regime".

Warmbier's death comes at a delicate time in global diplomacy surrounding North Korea.

Kenneth Bae, the United States citizen detained by North Korea for two years, says he believes it is possible the late Otto Warmbier could have been tortured during his captivity in the communist country.

The U.S. and China began high-level security talks Wednesday focused largely on North Korea, amid outrage in Washington over death of an American college student after his imprisonment in the North.

At the time of Warmbier's release, a White House official said Joseph Yun, the US envoy on North Korea, had met with North Korean foreign ministry representatives in Norway the previous month.

Since coming to office Mr Trump has tried to get Beijing to put pressure on its ally Pyongyang to curb its nuclear and missile programmes. He was returned home in a coma last week and died this week.

  • Leroy Wright