US State Department questions Gulf motives on Qatar boycott

Tillerson's spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Tuesday that the U.S. was "mystified" that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have failed to present details justifying their embargo on Qatar.

Turkey has offered strong support to Qatar after Saudi Arabia, Egypt and several other states proclaimed it a supporter of terrorism and cut off all economic and diplomatic ties.

The US State Department has turned sceptical on the embargo against Qatar by fellow Gulf states and Egypt, triggered by Saudi Arabia on June 5.

Nauert asserted that the Gulf countries's silence was a sign that their accusations were unfounded or that they shielded another motive.

Heather Nauert, the state department spokesperson, said in Tuesday's press briefing that the more time goes by, "the more doubt is raised" about the anti-Qatar measures imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their allies.

"We are small in size but with big influence.Any disruption in our (gas) production will affect many countries at different levels", Al-Kaabi said. Qatar says the allegations are politically motivated and that it denounces terrorism.

The comments suggested Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was losing patience in a mediation attempt. "Or were they about the long-simmering grievances between and among the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] countries?"

These included three phone calls with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, three with the foreign minister of Qatar, and three with the Emir of Qatar, she said.

US President Donald Trump had visited Saudi Arabia in May and lavished the country's government with praise.

"We just want to live out our days, to go to Saudi Arabia and take care of our camels and go back and take care of our family".

"No civilized nation can tolerate this violence or allow this wicked ideology to spread on its shores", Trump told reporters two weeks ago at the White House.

Sanctions have also disrupted food and other imports into Qatar.

The Russian parliamentarian said that his country enjoys distinguished relations with the four countries and welcomes consultation with their leaders on various issues of mutual interest.

"We are encouraging all sides to de-escalate tensions and engage in constructive dialogue", Nauert said.

You can read the UAE Ambassador to the US' description as to why this is happening now here, and Saudi Arabia's Minister of Foreign Affairs has also spoken about the situation.

  • Zachary Reyes