Uber Wants Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg as CEO

Craig Ewer, an Uber spokesman, said Kalanick's resignation would have no negative impact on the company's work in Pittsburgh.

The company's board confirmed the move early Wednesday, saying in a statement that Kalanick is taking time to heal from the death of his mother in a boating accident "while giving the company room to fully embrace this new chapter in Uber's history".

The woman, who remains anonymous, sued Uber, Kalanick and Michael in federal court last week for invasion of privacy, among other claims.

Its charge to become the world's biggest ride-hailing service has sparked regulatory challenges globally, including in the United Kingdom where it has fought drivers claiming an entitlement to minimum pay and a holiday wage.

Travis Kalanick, who co-founded Uber in 2009, has been on a leave of absence from the ride-hailing service.

With his forceful exit, it becomes clear that no one in a position of power wanted any version of the CEO who became known for his brash, aggressive workplace culture of "Always Be Hustling".

Recent hits to the company's reputation include a $20 million settlement over driver earnings, a federal investigation into its software created to skirt local government regulations, a lawsuit by Google's Waymo alleging that Uber stole details about its self-driving technology, and the firing of 20 employees and Uber's senior vice president after an investigation into the company's culture reported systemic problems with sexism and harassment. He still has a large stake in Uber and stands to make a killing if the company goes public. The loss narrowed from $991 million the previous quarter.

Now that Kalanick's gone, will that culture live on at a startup that's valued at almost $70 billion? It's common knowledge that many tech companies, especially Silicon Valley startups, have a diversity problem.

"It's simply impossible that the company has 14,000 bad apples in it", he said.

Gurley, one of Kalanick's closest confidants, praised the CEO on Twitter, after calling for his resignation. Drivers have said that Kalanick didn't value their labor even though it was the heart of the San Francisco-based company. The first is that it can't quite be rid of Travis Kalanick. "While change does not happen overnight, we're committed to rebuilding trust with our employees, riders, and drivers". The company often flouted city regulations for taxi companies with a culture that encouraged "Principled Confrontation". In addition, the company mentality seems to be that of charging ahead without regard for pesky rules. The company also faces trade theft allegations and is now under investigation by the US Justice Department for attempts to mislead government regulators.

The investigation was initiated in February after a former engineer, Susan Fowler, published a blog post about her repeated complaints about sexual harassment and discrimination at the ride-hailing company.

But "Sheryl is their first choice", according to a person briefed on the situation, adding, "That doesn't mean they're going to get her". The report over sexual harassment resulted in the firing of more than 20 employees.

Uber's founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned after mounting pressure from shareholders over a string of workplace scandals. The company was banned from operating in New Delhi, India, after a driver raped a passenger. Uber has also lost executives from its product, engineering, mapping, communications, business, finance and self-driving units. He sparred with drivers over whether they were employees or contractors and got into a videotaped, profanity-laced screaming match with a driver over pay.

  • Arturo Norris