Trump's state visit to United Kingdom not mentioned in Queen's speech

The program set out in the so-called Queen's Speech at Wednesday's state opening of Parliament will include "a number of bills" meant to make Brexit successful.

"This is a Government without a majority, without a mandate, without a serious legislative programme, led by a Prime Minister who's lost her political authority and is struggling even today to stitch together a deal to stay in office", Mr Corbyn said.

Following the omission on Wednesday, a senior Trump administration official told CNN: "She didn't mention (the visit) because the date is not yet set".

The Queen's Speech comes at a time when May's premiership has become vulnerable and the country's future uncertain, with negotiations over Britain's departure from the European Union having only just begun.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth's arrives at the State Opening of Parliament in central London, Britain June 21, 2017.

Chastened by an election result which left her Conservative Party short of a majority in parliament, May also watered down pledges on social care reform, education, corporate governance and energy markets.

But a series of controversial proposals set out in the Conservative manifesto were absent from the speech, and from the list of 27 bills the government hopes to pass.

Parliament will also introduce a new bill on immigration.

As protesters marched on the prime minister's residence in what they called a "day of rage" - a demonstration against perceived malfeasance and government inaction - the queen announced a Conservative plan to launch a "full public inquiry into the tragic fire" in order to "ascertain the causes, and ensure that the appropriate lessons are learnt".

There has been considerable opposition in the United Kingdom over Trump being accorded all the pomp and pageantry associated with a state visit.

Prince Philip, the husband of the queen, didn't attend after being hospitalized for an infection. In a United Kingdom roiled by surprising election results, terrorist attacks and the fallout from a deadly tower blaze, the Queen's Speech offered a concrete road map of the next two years under diminished Conservative leadership.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn denounced the speech, arguing that May had delivered a "threadbare" program devoid of new ideas.

  • Leroy Wright