Trump administration contradicts itself on Qatar allegations

"It is confusing, and the worst thing you want to do in a heated, delicate situation like this is to give mixed messages", Paul Sullivan, a Middle East specialist at Georgetown University, said. "It's going to be an intervention where demands are going to be put forward to both sides", he said.

But it plunged the USA, also a Saudi ally, into a delicate balancing act because of its Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, where it has some 10,000 troops.

"When was there a crisis when the State Department did not say we need to de-escalate?" he said.

"We are consulting with OPEC member states to have them prepared to make a decision, " Zanganeh said.

Doha's Ministry of Municipality and Environment has also set up a team of drivers, animal experts and other staff to help camel owners.

Saudi Arabia cut transport and diplomatic ties with the country on June 5 and the Qatar has also been boycotted by Saudi allies the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Egypt. Qatar denies all of the allegations leveled against it and has lashed back at its critics, this week accusing UAE of supporting the 9/11 attacks in NY.

Reminding the Saudi government of its legal obligations, the Interior Ministry said Riyadh must compensate for the damage, punish the forces behind such an "irresponsible" action, and immediately release the detainees, whose families are deeply anxious about their health conditions.

Qatar's ambassador to the United States, Meshal Hamad al-Thani, welcomed the State Department's statement, tweeting: "We are confident in the ability of the resolve this crisis". Qatar has denied accusations of links to terrorism. Qatar says that it will not negotiate until the embargo is lifted, claiming that the blockade violates its citizens' human rights. Since the dispute erupted, Trump has taken a tougher stance against Qatar, while the State Department had sought to remain neutral.

Nauert noted that Tillerson had held more than 20 phone calls and in-person meetings with senior officials from the countries involved since the crisis erupted earlier this month.

Qatar's banks became dependent on foreign funding during the last few years of strong economic growth.

He said they would broadly address support for terrorism, meddling in the internal affairs of these countries and attacks through Qatari-owned media platforms. The pumping an additional 900,000 barrels a day, Iran's Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said Wednesday on state radio. Al Udeid is where command for the anti-Islamic State air campaign takes place. "My brother still has 10 or 11 camels in Saudi Arabia", he added.

  • Leroy Wright