The Mummy Reviews - What Did You Think?!

While a lot of critics are bashing the new effort from Universal, IndieWire's David Ehrlich is being extra harsh on the Cruise film.

As far as "Mummy" movies go, this one's not all bad. This time, however, Tom Cruise anchors "The Mummy" with a big budget but a conspicuously hollow script.

Now, is this just a simple reference to a film that came before it, or does the existence of this prop technically mean that the Brendan Fraser film took place in the new movie's past? It's intense, creepy, and action-packed. Tom Cruise has spent three decades as the world's biggest action star because he's in great shape and he's charming as hell, but here, it feels like he's playing a simulacrum of a human.

"The Mummy" is the first of the series and has all of the feeling and depth of a trailer that's been extended to 107 minutes. OK not really, but there is a reason for it and it makes sense in the contents of the story.

Here Cruise plays Nick Morton, an American solider of some kind who, along with his reluctant cohort Vail (New Girl's Jake Johnson), disregards orders to traipse around the Middle East stealing artifacts to sell on the black market.

In modern day, the three main leads Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) and Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) stumble upon a huge tomb which was actually a prison for the ancient mummified evil princess, Ahmanet.

With the aid of archaeologist Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) and Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe), Morton must stop the mummy before she can enslave humanity. Cruise comes into a possession of a map that leads to treasure.

Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella; Kingsman: The Secret Service) was an Egyptian Princess planning to take over her father's throne but when he has another child, a son, she sees her plans falling apart. But those moments "are no match for the cumbersome, convoluted story, not to mention the nonexistent chemistry between Cruise and [Annabelle] Wallis", she notes.

Crowe nails the serious-but-not-too-serious tone of this movie and I have to admit I would be all in on a Russell Crowe "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" movie, as few actors have made careers out of moving back and forth between being prim and posh and monstrously fearsome. We're never really sure how the two are part of the military, except that they are and their thievery is mildly annoying.

If you were to look strictly as his age - 55 - you'd wonder how much longer Cruise can keep up this act of being a major action star. But the visual effects are well done, especially when Ahmanet kisses living victims and literally sucks the life out of them, which we see in disgusting detail.

  • Salvatore Jensen