Snapchat introduces location sharing feature 'Snap Map'

Users can even try adding to the map by selecting the "our story" button once they take a snap.

Zenly is the developer of a social, location sharing app which lets you track where your friends are at any time. You decide if you want to share your location with friends or simply keep it to yourself with Ghost Mode.

We've built a whole new way to explore the world! "See what is happening, find your friends and get inspired to go on an adventure!" said Snapchat in its blog.

Wish you could be right there with them? Snap Map is basically what it says it is, a map where you can see your friends' snaps, wherever they are.

Of course, the feature doesn't work unless you have your location sharing settings on. In a post on the company's website, Snap Inc. announced the new features as "a pretty big change to the way you create and send Snaps".

A cluster of story content titled "Featured" means it was curated by the snap team and signals a large planned event, and these are the types of stories that appear in the regular "Discover" section. But the snaps you submit to Our Story with your friends can still show up in the Snap Map so be careful.

If the idea of people being able to see your location kind of creeps you out, then you'll be relieved to hear that the location-sharing aspect is totally optional.

CEO of Zenly Antoine Martin. The Company's flagship product, Snapchat, is a camera application that helps people to communicate through short videos and images known as a Snap.

  • Arturo Norris