Paul George prefers to sign with Lakers as free agent in 2018

Every time IN needed him the most, he delivered.

But the current Lakers is in the rebuilding process and the core now mostly consist of young bloods that could take some time to reach the wining phase. That, at least, gives the Pacers the chance to widen their base of possible George trade targets. Draft picks from the Cavs don't have much value, but getting a star in return for Paul George might be worth it. They couldn't even get a meeting with Kevin Durant last summer.

How greedy are the Lakers going to be? Considering the dejection of Boston Celtics fans immediately following the Markelle Fultz trade on Saturday, this feels like a perfectly appropriate time to explore whether or not the teams trading away the top pick ended up with seller's remorse at any point down the road. James has a home in Los Angeles. IN can offer him a five-year, $177 million extension as opposed to the four-year deal the Lakers are permitted to offer. The Lakers would have to offer more than just an expiring Randle, Clarkson, and the 28th pick to beat any offer a third team would send IN if Love was involved. Trade rumors have already started, and one of the biggest names that will be mentioned in a potential trade this off-season is#Paul George.

If there's anything to learn from the Love trade, it's that Pritchard needs to create a bidding war. What team is going to give up anything for him, knowing he'll leave after this season?

Adding George to the Celtics still might not be enough to get them past LeBron James in the playoffs. The best guess is George will look to secure a long-term deal in the open market and ink with a team that best fits his requirements.

Josh Jackson has had two workouts with the Lakers, and while the second one reportedly didn't go well, there has been speculation that they could take him second overall.

Just 24 hours after the blockbuster trade that broke the interwebs between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers regarding sending the No. 1 pick to Philly was reportedly to be agreed upon, the National Basketball Association world was once again shaken by a major news coming out of the Eastern Conference.

The problem with a trade now that George has made his intentions clear?

If this happens, then Randle or Ingram would presumably be the centerpiece of the George deal.

It has been no secret that Paul George would like to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, but that secret grew from a whisper to a loud roar over the weekend.

"Acquiring players is the key to any success you might have and more importantly the right kind of players".

  • Julie Sanders