North Korea's Nuclear Tunnels See Activity, Trump Says Chinese Pressure Failed

The family of American college student Otto Warmbier said the 22-year-old died Monday, days after his release from North Korea.

"I think they have limited capacity to do something and I think they feel the weight of expectations beginning to burden them", said Christopher Hill, who led the US delegation in the six-party talks with North Korea during the George W. Bush administration.

Warmbier had arrived back in the USA in a state of "unresponsive wakefulness", having suffered a "severe neurological injury" of unknown cause.

The US President has offered the family of Mr Warmbier his respects after news broke that the young man had died after being transported back to the United States from North Korea.

She was the OH youth's girlfriend at the time of his detention in North Korea that began in January 2015.

Doctors said Warmbier suffered extensive loss of brain tissue and "profound weakness and contraction" of his muscles, arms and legs.

This announcement comes after Otto Warmbier died Monday.

His comment could signal he is ready to play hardball with the Chinese, or at last send a message to China that the United States feels they are not coming to the table with a strong hand due to their continued trade with North Korea.

President Donald Trump has been counting on China to use its economic leverage with the government of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as American concern grows over the North's acceleration towards having a nuclear missile that can strike the US mainland. The U.S. government accuses North Korea of using such detainees as political pawns.

Thornton said the US will be seeking "concrete cooperation" with China on getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs and return to negotiations.

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Mr. Trump at the President's private Florida estate in April, a meeting that both leaders said warmed relations between the countries.

After their son's death, Otto's parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier, released a statement.

Warmbier visited North Korea in January 2016 on a sightseeing tour. Warmbier was released last week when it was learned he had been in a vegetative state for 18 months.

That said, Trump did acknowledge that China at least tried.

Dr. Michael Baden, a Fox News contributor and one of the nation's leading forensic pathologists, says an autopsy may be the only way to determine if the student's coma was the result of botulism and a sleeping pill, as North Korea claims, or a savage beating.

Trump's tweet was channeling the American people's frustration with North Korea as a "regime that provokes" and "plays outside the rules", Mattis said.

  • Carolyn Briggs