Ireland's new gay prime minister pressed the DUP on marriage equality

Theresa May's hopes of a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to shore up her minority government have hit a setback, as the Northern Irish party warned a deal was "certainly not imminent".

Mr Varadkar has previously expressed concerns about Mrs May's party becoming too close to the DUP and he confirmed he raised the issue at the meeting.

IRELAND'S new taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been "reassured" by Theresa May that her planned deal with the DUP will not undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

"We spoke about the very important need for both governments to be impartial actors when it comes to Northern Ireland, and also that we are co-guarantors to the Good Friday Agreement and that any agreement that may exist between the Conservative Party and the DUP should not in any way impact on the Good Friday Agreement".

Prime Minister May is still involved in talks with DUP leader Arlene Foster about arranging a pact.

It would mean the DUP backing the Government on its Budget and other key votes and - crucially - preventing it being brought down by motions of no confidence.

The case, which could be heard in the supreme court because of its constitutional significance, follows warnings by politicians from all sides that the deal risks undermining the peace process in Northern Ireland.

He is the first person of Indian heritage to hold a ministerial post in Ireland.

In a mark of the importance of Brexit to Mrs May's agenda, the queen will set out plans not for the usual one year, but for a two-year period taking the government beyond the expected withdrawal date in March 2019.

May, who said that talks with the DUP were ongoing, and Varadkar also reiterated that they wanted the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to be as seamless as possible once Britain has left the EU.

"We passed the Grenfell Tower on the way in and saw the destruction that has occurred there". Events don't always unwind as you expect them to unwind.

Lawyers are believed to have found a lead claimant to fight the case, similar to the role that the investment banker Gina Miller had when she won a supreme court ruling ordering ministers to introduce emergency legislation to authorise Britain's departure from the European Union in January. This lead claimant will play a similar role to that of Gina Miller in the Article 50 case that was heard both in the High Court and Supreme Court previous year.

The remarks to Sky News came just hours after a DUP source describe the talks as "positive" to IBTimes UK.

  • Leroy Wright