IOS 11 comes with a one-handed keyboard mode

Apple's speaker will be launching in the U.S., U.K., and Australia in December, with additional markets to come next year.Soon, Apple will introduce a new iPhone feature that will do away with that annoying - and risky - urge to look at a text message while you're driving.Apple says its new feature knows when you are driving and switches your iPhone into the new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode.

This was announced during the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

The new OS will support more powerful hardware and will make it simpler to create VR content. Safari too has been improved, and a notable addition is blocking of auto-video playback. It also acts as an app switcher: dragging the app icon from the dock to the screen will open it next to the app that is now open.

Transferring money was never easy but thanks to Apple Pay, you can send money from the Messages apps. "First, a new iPad Pro with thinner bezels housing a 10.5" display, 120Hz refresh rate, better pen tracking, and, of course, eventually it'll get iOS 11 with a lot of iPad-specific improvements.

The slideshow behind him showed an iPhone with a black screen. This can be deactivated if the user is a passenger.

The Do Not Disturb while Driving, part of iOS version 11, is expected to drop this fall. The public beta for macOS High Sierra will begin in June.

Will you be picking up a new iPad Pro?

Apple's new mobile operating system now enables French, Chinese, Italian, English and German translations via the new Siri. In the long run it could even allow Apple to build processors without 32-bit backward compatibility-the space that would've been spent on those transistors could also be used for other things.

He said that iOS 10 had nearly 96 per cent satisfaction with 86 per cent iPhone users installing the update as compared to only seven per cent Android users who installed Android Nougat - the latest version of Google's operating system.

What's more, in iOS 10.3, Apple released a tool to that names and shames apps that will be rendered obsolete by the next major update.

  • Arturo Norris