Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman

Republicans were on the ball field practicing for their upcoming annual baseball game against the Democrats.

"If you look at his pattern in life. there is no indication that was a list to target", he said.

Officials elaborated on Hodgkinson's long-simmering political anger about Republicans and spiraling personal problems but still have not pinpointed what motivated the unemployed home inspector from IL to travel to the Washington area, where he spent months living in his van in Alexandria before launching the shootings. Just the night before he was doing a Google Maps search plotting a return road trip to IL. Neighbors called police as Hodgkinson conducted target practice on his property, but he did not violate any laws, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said. Local authorities determined he was doing nothing wrong and told him to keep the noise down. The Internet searches Hodgkinson performed the night before the shooting included a Google map search from Alexandria to his home in Belleville and a Google search of the "2017 Republican Convention".

The reports goes on to say that Hodgkinson regularly visited a storage facility where he kept a laptop computer, more than 200 rounds of ammunition, a receipt for a November 2016 gun purchase and additional SKS rifle components.

The FBI says Hodgkinson was carrying around a list of names, members of Congress. Officials aren't saying who those members were.

The FBI said its investigation as well as investigations by local authorities into the shooting are ongoing. Two days before the shooting, Hodgkinson messaged a family member seeking to return home, Slater said.

At a news conference on Wednesday, FBI officials gave an overview of the evidence they've gathered on Hodgkinson. The members of that group celebrated Hodgkinson's attempt at murdering Republican congressmen. "I got in the vehicle and left, and found out later that my Republican colleagues were targeted by an active shooter", Duncan said.

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz told CBS News correspondent Chip Reid that members of Congress generally feel safe on Capitol Hill, but they become vulnerable when they leave work.

Law enforcement officials shared other details Wednesday that suggested Hodgkinson may have been planning to return to IL.

The gunman visited the storage locker 43 times between April and June During that time period, he sometimes visited the unit daily, or even multiple times a day, Slater said.

Others injured in the shooting include two Capitol Police officers, Special Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner; Matt Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods; and Zach Barth, a legislative correspondent for Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas. Ms Battaglia and another officer, Alexander Jensen, arrived at around the same time.

  • Julie Sanders