Georgia prosecutor to seek death for 2 inmates accused of killing guards

While on the run for 60 hours, they allegedly stole five vehicles, robbed two homes, tied up and terrorized an elderly couple and led police on a chase with speeds of 100 mph, authorities said. Bradley said he planned to seek the death penalty.

The judge denied bond to the pair and an attorney for the state expressed interest in filing paperwork to seek the death penalty in this case.

Neither of the inmates spoke much during the hearing, which saw them charged with murder, felony escape and hijacking a motor vehicle.

Donnie Russell Rowe, 43, and Ricky Dubose, 24, appeared in court in Putnam County, southeast of Atlanta, on Wednesday.

The next grand jury session in Putnam County is September 18.

Several media members were in the courtroom, including CBS46's Adam Harding, who says both inmates stared straight ahead as Judge Brenda Trammell read the charges against them.

Rowe and Dubose were on a state corrections bus with 31 other prisoners June 13 when the two somehow got out of what should have been a locked, gated rear section of the bus, police said.

Rowe was serving life without parole for armed robbery, the department of corrections said, and Dubose was serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery.

Dubose and Rowe were taken into custody last Thursday in central Tennessee. It was first reported that he held them at gunpoint while he waited for authorities, but Hale said the suspects surrendered before he showed his weapon.

"When I first laid eyes on them, all I could do was think, 'how could you kill two innocent men who were only doing their jobs?" continued Billue.

Rowe and Dubose are accused of killing officers Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica Tuesday morning, and then escaping and leading authorities on a days-long manhunt. "I immediately forgave them but that doesn't excuse their behavior".

  • Leroy Wright