DUP deal still possible, says senior Tory

It is understood that potential lead claimants have been warned to expect significant press attention - Miller has said the Brexit case made her the most hated woman in Britain - and that the claim will need to be crowdfunded.

May had hoped to officially secure support from the Democratic Union Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland, whose 10 seats in Parliament would give her enough votes to push her legislative agenda through.

Donaldson said local media reports that his party was asking for 1 billion pounds ($1.27 billion) to be spent on health and a further billion to be allocated to infrastructure was "wild speculation and wide of the mark".

Mrs May's minority administration is expected to require support from the ten DUP MPs in order to govern and deliver on its policy pledges.

Traditionally, the Queen arrives by horse drawn carriage, but today travelled to the Palace of Westminster by auto and wearing "day dress".

But nearly certainly, the DUP - as well as other parties in Northern Ireland and the Dublin government - hope to preserve free flow of goods and people across the land border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, a welcome development since the Good Friday Agreement.

The primary issue was scheduling.

The decision, finalized on the first day of talks Monday, to bring in the highest-ranking officials from both sides - Oliver Robbins and Sabine Weyand - to oversee the issue was a clear signal of how seriously the United Kingdom and the European Union take the matter, and how alive they are to the political risks.

The Queen's Speech is expected to include legislation around reducing tenancy fees and energy prices, the Times has reported.

There has been public opposition to Trump's visit because of his policies on immigration, climate change, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and other issues.

His comments were reportedly made in a telephone call in "recent weeks" but a White House spokeswoman said the state visit "never came up on the call".

In written remarks prepared for the first day of Parliament, the troubled Prime Minister began trying to undo some of the key messages from the Conservatives' election campaign, saying that social care would be addressed and that every school should be fairly funded.

Buckingham Palace said that Philip, 96, was admitted a hospital as a precaution for treatment of an infection.

The failure to bridge differences casts doubt on Mrs May's ability to get her Queen's Speech through parliament, with senior minister Damian Green acknowledging it is possible that no agreement will be reached in time for the crunch Commons vote on the package on 29 June. May is promising a government "that consults and listens".

  • Leroy Wright