Daredevil hangs by her teeth over Niagara Falls

Wallenda's successful stunt fell on the fifth anniversary of her husband's televised tightrope walk across Niagara Falls. She was on a Hula-Hoop-type device dangling from a helicopter as it flew 300 feet above the Falls.

"I had no idea what was going on and then, lo and behold, I found out she was holding on with her teeth and gliding over, which is a little scary".

USA media said her stunt set a Guinness World Record for height, breaking a record established by her husband Nik when hanging from his teeth 250 feet (76 meters) above Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

"Being that the Wallenda family is behind it, and believing how much they seem to enjoy our area, I think this one has a very good chance of working", said Tomkins. While she didn't need it, a fall from that height would nearly certainly mean death.

"She's a ballerina in the air", he said Wednesday. He added: "It is just as much of a challenge, in fact more of a challenge often, because you're anxious you're going to get tangled up in it". "I respect what I do, but I definitely will be taking in the view".

Wallenda comes from a family of stunt artists and world record chasers. During a performance at the Detroit State Fair, the Wallenda pyramid toppled, sending two troupe members to their deaths and leaving a third paralyzed.

Nik and Erendira have been married for 17 years and have three children. His grandfather would ride a bicycle on a tightrope while his grandmother dangled from her teeth below it. Some tourists, including Sally and Shawn Sexton of Virginia, weren't aware about the stunt until they arrived Thursday morning. That record she broke by the way was the record her husband set back in 2011.

Some observers who watched Wallenda's stunt from the ground called it an exciting event. She set a world record in 2016 by completing 40 revolutions in her hoop in 50 seconds beneath a helicopter above the Atlantic City shore.

Later in the press conference, the excited performer noted, "I really did marry my best friend".

"This is my passion, this is my life", Erendira said.

  • Salvatore Jensen