Cosby fate in limbo as jury readies third day of deliberations

CNN reports that jurors in Bill Cosby's assault trial entered their third day of deliberations today.

Jurors considering the fate of Bill Cosby at his sexual assault trial asked for a definition of "reasonable doubt" on their fifth day of deliberations Friday, a day after telling the judge they were deadlocked on all charges.

When asked how she would feel about Cosby should the jury find him guilty, Pulliam said, "I'm going to have to cross that bridge when I come to it". Numerous other women's cases against Cosby can no longer be heard as the statute of limitations for prosecution has run out, Constand's case being the only one leading to a criminal charge.

Deliberations began Monday night and ran all the way through this morning.

The three charges accuse Cosby of assaulting Constand without her consent, assaulting her when she was unconscious and assaulting her using drugs to substantially impair her ability to consent. "You are constantly replaying the case in your head - I should have said this, I should have said that, I should have recommended that my client take the stand, I should have kept my client off the stand", said Steinberg.

At the defense table, Cosby cracked a grin as the account mentioned a T-shirt Constand delivered to Cosby as a gift.

Even though Judge Steven O'Neill allowed testimony from Andrea Constand's neighbor, who said the Cosby accuser wasn't herself after the alleged incident, O'Neill refused to allow Jackson to testify.

"Your friends", Cosby said he told her. He further said that, in her first interview, she claimed to have never been alone with his client before the alleged attack, but later contradicted that statement saying that she spent time alone at his home before the alleged assault at a CT casino resort.

Pennsylvania detectives spoke to Cosby in his lawyers' New York City offices a few weeks after Constand went to police in January 2005.

Pulliam, who played Cosby's youngest daughter, Rudy Huxtable, on The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1982, has vocally supported the actor, 79, since he was accused of sexual assault by a multitude of women.

One of his accusers, Victoria Valentino, has called him "the biggest serial rapist in American history".

It's also a question of whether prosecutors are willing to put all parties involved - especially Constand, who's already spent seven hours on the stand revealing graphic details of her alleged assault - through yet another trial. "In these cases, the testimony of the complaining witness is the primary and sometimes only evidence offered by the Commonwealth against the defendant".

Cosby's spokesman, Wyatt, said Jackson's statement would "let the world know" that Constand had perjured herself.

Constand has said she has never met Jackson. He says they were lovers and their encounter was consensual. Cosby pleaded not guilty to three charges of aggravated indecent assault. "But in no way is that condoning sexual assault". Cosby testified under oath more than a decade ago as part of Constand's civil suit against him.

  • Salvatore Jensen