Carla Fendi, one of fashion label's five sisters, dies

The Fendi sisters with Karl, from left to right: Carla and Alda, in the second row Franca, Anna and Paola. She died at 79 years old.

The fashion designer was one of five sisters who ran the worldwide fashion house and was credited as the brains behind their iconic double F logo. The renowned fashion house, known for its fur and fur accessories, was founded in 1925 in Rome by Adele and Edoardo Fendi.

In 2007, it put on a runway show on top of the Great Wall of China - the first fashion show, a spokesman said at the time, to be visible from the moon.

The five sisters were born between 1931 and 1940 and as children they played among the leather shreds on the shop floor and slept amid the handbags.

While other members of the family were the creative forces, Carla concentrated on promoting the company brand, whose logo of two F's, one of them upside down and backwards, became an internationally recognized symbol for luxury.

However, to best ensure the future of the company - and to preserve familial relations - the sisters decided in 2001 to sell a controlling stake to LVMH.

Carla and her sisters were responsible for turning their parents' small leather company into a brand that became a power player in the world of fashion.

Carla Fendi's husband was Candido Speroni, who died three years ago.

In a note on its website, the Festival honoured Carla Fendi as "a generous patron, a friend to the city of Spoleto and to its festival, whose successes she has shared for many decades with her extraordinary participation".

A string of heartfelt tributes have come flooding in following the news, including the National Chamber of Italian Fashion Camera Moda.

On Instagram, Ms Simone Marchetti, fashion editor of Italian newspaper La Repubblica, wrote "how important it is to leave a trace not just on fashion and on business, but most of all on art, beauty and theatre".

  • Zachary Reyes