Where things stand with Special Counsel Mueller's Russian Federation probe

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Trump ally, said the president's tweet seemingly acknowledging that he's under investigation wasn't helpful.

Now that the Secret Service has denied that they have any tapes of Comey and Trump's conversations, Olbermann continued, there are two possibilities left - either the White House recorded the president's calls, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded their former director's.

Sekulow joined Trump's personal legal team, which includes Marc Kasowitz, Trump's go-to lawyer for years on both personal and business matters; Mark Bowe, who works with Kasowitz; and newly hired John Dowd, a well-known DC-based attorney.

"You say he can't be under investigation because I haven't been told, and that's a specious premise - you know there's no duty to tell you whether he's under investigation", Cuomo said.

Cooper has been providing counsel for Sessions, and helped him with preparation for his June 13 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to the Associated Press.

An assessment of evidence and circumstances will be completed before a final decision is made to launch an investigation of the president of the United States regarding potential obstruction of justice.

But Sekulow said repeatedly Sunday that "the president has not been and is not under investigation".

The claim came within days of Mr Trump appearing to confirm he was the subject of an inquiry with a tweet about being the target of a "witch hunt".

Meanwhile, despite growing concerns that the president may fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel running the Russian Federation probe, Sen.

Mr Trump is under pressure to reveal whether he has any tape recordings of private conversations with Mr Comey. Comey has gone on record saying that the reason for his dismissal was his refusal to accede to the President's request for him to drop the Russian Federation investigation. Of course, as the professor points out, Rosenstein's recusal is not terribly pressing, since the appointment of a special counsel removed him from the investigation anyway. Congressman Ted Lieu of California said the House would immediately start the impeachment process if Donald Trump moved to fire Mueller.

Comey had earlier testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee that the president pressured him regarding the Russian investigation. "Which also makes you wonder why they'd pick a guy who is Comey's close friend to investigate a situation in which inevitably involves Comey".

Himes says the notion the investigation has been going on too long "is just crazy" and "we're talking about the very core of our democracy here". The president himself has admitted that the investigation is underway - and his recent tweets only highlight his fear.

  • Zachary Reyes