WhatsApp once again extends support for BlackBerry

Among the operating systems listed, the notable ones included the BlackBerry platform software; the Blackberry 10 and the Blackberry Operating System.

Apart from BlackBerry, support for Nokia S40 has also been extended till end of this year. As most of you already know, WhatsApp was firstly supposed to stop functioning on these devices starting from January 2017, but for some reason, the developers of this application have chose to extend the support until the end of June 2017.

WhatsApp had last year stated that it will be ending support for old BlackBerry and Nokia devices this year in June, and encouraged the users to upgrade their devices to an Android or iOS one which is supported by the messaging service.

The news was met with mixed set of responses from the consumer end.

Those who are still chatting via WhatsApp on their BlackBerry devices can rejoice, as support for BlackBerry users of the messaging app has been extended to December 31. However, the users who still use WhatsApp on the said platform may rejoice for they have found some more time to shift to newer operating systems.

It was not just WhatsApp that made a decision to end support for BlackBerry OS services. WhatsApp will be discontinuing its support for Nokia S60 devices.

San Francisco: In a temporary relief for BlackBerry users, WhatsApp has again made a decision to extend support for Blackberry smartphones. Previously, it was announced that the chat app would stop all support for BlackBerry smartphones after June 30.

  • Arturo Norris