US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Pro-Regime Drone

The US Central Command said it acted in "collective self-defense". IS supporters have also reported his death. He rose to be one of the extremist group's leading ideologues. "ADF operations in Iraq will continue as part of the coalition".

"The US position militarily is weaker and any sign of lack of unity within the worldwide anti-ISIS coalition can only be good news for Russian Federation and the Syrian regime".

"The Coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria", OIR reiterated in a statement on June 18 after a us fighter jet shot down a Syrian Air Force SU-22 jet that was bombarding coalition-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

A defense official says the drone was approaching a military camp near the Syria-Jordan border.

The incident came as Russian Federation once again protested against repeated US actions against forces allied with Syria and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the incidents could be "very dangerous" and cause an escalation of the war.

Attempting to de-escalate the situation, USA officials in Baghdad have sent out notices reminding parties involved in Syria that there is a de-confliction mechanism in place with Russian forces to reduce the chances of "strategic miscalculation".

The official was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity. Coalition aircraft stopped the pro-regime forces from advancing on Ja'Din.

The US F-15E fighter (Strike Eagle) shot down the pro-governmental Shahed-129 drone of Iranian production near At Tanf, #Syria on Monday.

The Syrian army said its warplane was on a mission against IS when it came under fire, according to state television.

It said the latest contribution brings the total funding from the EU Trust Fund for UNICEF's work on the Syria crisis response to almost €200 million ($223 millions).

UNICEF has announced the appointment of its youngest goodwill ambassador, 19-year-old Syrian refugee and activist Muzoon Almellehan. "I would not go into Syria", Trump later added.

Fighting and bombardment meanwhile resumed early Tuesday between Syrian government forces and rebels in the southern city of Daraa and nearby areas, where a 48-hour truce had gone into effect on Saturday.

Tuesday's statement from the global coalition stressed that the worldwide effort remained focused on ISIS but said that coalition forces had the right to self-defense. The truce was meant to be extended but now appears to have collapsed. He is blaming the government for the truce's collapse.

More than 320,000 people have been killed since Syria´s conflict began with anti-government demonstrations in March 2011.

On June 9, despite the series of engagements with U.S. forces at Al-Tanaf, the regime skirted around the base to arrive at the Iraqi border for the first time since 2015.

"Iran is nervous about what the Americans are up to in Syria ..." The UAV could hit terrestrial mobile and fixed targets. Israeli security officials said on Monday they were studying the missile strike to see what they could learn about its accuracy and capabilities. "That would be another mistake on the scope of the Iraq War".

Russian Federation backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom Iran also supports, while the US -led coalition is aligned with groups that oppose the Assad regime and ISIS.

"ADF force protection is regularly reviewed in response to a range of potential threats", the Defence statement said.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Australia has recently focused its air power on the battle for Mosul in Iraq and conducted no airstrikes in Syria between mid-April and mid-June. "We do not seek conflict with any party in Syria other than Isis but we will not hesitate to defend ourselves or our partners if necessary".

The US-led coalition in the Middle East is looking shaky after Australia suspended all air operations over Syria in the face of Russian threats and an escalation of tensions in the region.

  • Leroy Wright