Uber CEO Takes Leave of Absence Amid Controversies

Travis Kalanick, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uber Technologies Inc., said Tuesday he will take time off from the technology company offering ride-hailing services.

Mr Kalanick told employees about his decision in an email as the firm was urged to transform its toxic culture.

The recommendations were not immediately known, but Uber is facing pressure to rein in its no-holds-barred management style led by Kalanick and to reform a workplace culture criticized for discrimination and cutthroat practices.

What's more, even when Kalanick returns, his responsibilities would likely be reduced, The board has made a decision to accept all of the recommendations presented before it and among them, was one which said that Kalanick's responsibilities should be reduced and a COO found as soon as possible. He reportedly finished his investigation a couple of weeks ago and presented it to Uber's board of directors to review, along with a set of recommendations. Kalanick shared the news with members of Uber staff today, according to Bloomberg report.

After interviewing 200 witnesses, Holder had to make such basic recommendations as setting clear policies to protect workers from harassment, and that the human resources department get a better handle on keeping records and tracking employee complaints. Nobody knows when he'll return, but he will come back to a diminished role: some of the CEO's job responsibilities will be transferred to a chief operating officer (a position that hasn't been filled yet).

She later detailed that she saw the number of women at the company dwindle while she was there and said that other women she spoke to had experienced similar harassment. Women and minorities who are hired must be included and supported. The rule, adapted from the National Football League, is already in place at other large tech companies, such as Facebook.

It will also implement the Rooney Rule, a practice used by the National Football League which requires at least one woman and one minority candidate to be interviewed for a position before it is filled.

A report on the culture of the Uber workplace environment was released. The firm also recommended that Uber adopt flexible work arrangements to help retain employees with children and other outside obligations and move its free catered dinner to an earlier time so employees with families can take advantage of it.

A culture change at Uber may be more hard than Holder envisions.

This has been a tumultuous time for Uber.

Additionally, Holder suggests that Uber should conduct performance reviews for top executives, implement more careful oversight of its board and place a greater emphasis on diversity efforts within the company. "While change does not happen overnight, we're committed to rebuilding trust with our employees, riders and drivers".

  • Zachary Reyes