Trump Tweets Poll Showing 50 Percent Approval; 'Higher Than O's!'

The June 18, 2010 Rasmussen poll - taken at the same point in Obama's first term - showed the former president with an approval rating of 41 percent compared to a disapproval rating of 58 percent. The CBS poll does show that a majority of Americans, 60 percent, don't think President Trump did anything illegal during his private meetings with former FBI Director James Comey.

The president has also lost ground in this own party: 72 percent of Republicans approve of Trump now, as compared to 83 percent at the 100-day mark, a notable eleven percent drop.

Most people in both parties - 56% - believe that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation will be impartial and that Trump should not attempt to stop it. It has a margin of error of four percent.

Seventy-two percent of Republican respondents to the poll approved of Trump's job performance, while just 9 percent of Democratic respondents approved. The most recent average of recent polls calculated by RealClear Politics showed 54.6 percent of Americans gave the president an unfavorable rating.

Thirty-nine percent of all respondents thought the Russian Federation investigation was a critical national security issue, while 32 percent thought it was a distraction. Thirty-one percent of the respondents said there was no Russian interference.

Trump boasted that his high approval rating was higher than his predecessor, Barack Obama, at this point in his presidency.

Trump is still doing a little better in Utah than he is in national polling.

"Trump should still be in his honeymoon period among Republicans", Bump observes.

One-third of Americans now say his approach to the investigations has made their opinion of him worse, pollsters found. When looking only at Republicans, 85 percent think he is critiqued more than previous presidents, and 34 percent are more likely to support him as a result.

  • Leroy Wright