Trump Attorney: The President Is Not Under Investigation

It is to be noted that Carson's stance on the issue is a noteworthy break from President Trump and his administration's stance, which has time and again called the whole investigation a "witch hunt".

The lawyer also suggested Twitter's character limit may be partly to blame.

"SEKULOW: And now he's [Trump's] being investigated by the Department of Justice because the special counsel under the special counsel relations reports still to the Department of Justice".

But with Trump's abrupt decision in May to fire former FBI Director James Comey, Warner said, the committee has had to turn its attention to understanding the president's motives for doing so, as well as the fraught relationship between Trump and Comey. If, in fact, it was correct that the president was being investigated, he would be investigating for taking action that an agency told him to take.

Not so, the White House shot back, as did one of Trump's attorneys on Fox News Sunday.

If Trump's answer is a signal that no such recordings exist, despite the intrigue created around the prospect of recorded conversations, Trump is unlikely to face legal or political consequences for dragging out the matter, GOP strategist Ford O'Connell said. And, oh, the allegation that used to be at the core of the case, that Trump or his associates colluded with Russians to try to influence the 2016 election. During his exchange with anchor Chris Wallace, Jay Sekulow twice complained about Trump being under investigation, then clarified that expressing frustration about Trump being under investigation does not amount to a concession that the president actually is being investigated.although he might be. I dont know whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Muellers crack team of prosecutors have any solid evidence of collusion or shady financial deals.

President Trump's son-in-law, a key member of his inner circle, has been in touch with respected criminal lawyers as an investigation over links with Russian Federation looms, it has been reported.

"I believe it's one of the most serious attacks on our country in recent years", King told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd.

According to close allies, the president had been toying with the idea of firing Mueller already - even before the obstruction of justice investigation went public.

Sessions joins other high-ranking members of the Trump administration in retaining their own lawyers as special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to investigate claims of collusion between Russian Federation and Trump associates during the 2016 campaign.

But should Trump be under investigation? The department said last month that under professional responsibility rules, Mueller may participate in matters involving his former firm's clients as long as he wasn't involved in representing them and has no confidential information about them.

Prosecutors sometimes, but not always, notify individuals through their attorneys that they are targets of an investigation and are at risk of being charged.

Himes says it's important for the committee to conduct its investigation right rather than quickly.

  • Larry Hoffman