Student takes jab at school dress code with yearbook quote

She's right, though. The robe she's wearing for her senior picture does expose her shoulders, which makes the dress code a little hypocritical, in my opinion. DiPaolo's quote reads underneath her senior photo.

A teenager has left a permanent mark on her long-running battle against her high school's dress code.

My school's dress code is pretty reasonable, but they only ever enforce it on girls so I always found that unfair and I fought it a lot.

Plenty of people wanted DiPaolo to know her flippant attitude towards dress codes wouldn't fly in the workplace.

In the yearbook pic you can see DiPaolo's very distracting shoulders - and if you're able to somehow tear your eyes away, you'll see her wonderful quote.

She said: 'It's tradition in most schools, that's why I chose my quote because I found it ironic that they made us wear a robe that technically violated dress code'.

High school senior Tori DiPaolo called out her school's sexist dress code in her yearbook quote.

"While my school as well as most others have dress codes that apply to boys and girls it's usually only girls that get dress code violations", she said. "I'm an AP student, in academic clubs, and on the tennis team - I'm not exactly a delinquent - but I've spent hours sitting in principal's offices because 40-year-old men were offended by my back showing".

She shared a photo Friday of the yearbook page on Twitter, which has since gone viral. "I became a bit infamous around school for fighting the administration about dress code, so I figured I'd use my senior quote as one final jab".

DiPaolo joked about the yearbook on Twitter and told Yahoo Style that the students' consensus is that the dress code is ridiculous. She says the boys wear muscle shirts all the time but they never seem to get in trouble.

She told Yahoo Style that her peers and teachers reacted positively to the quote and thought it was amusing. "No one is distracted by shoulders, and that's really where I got the inspiration for my quote".

  • Leroy Wright